We believe in conflict resolution through mediation. Our expert mediators work to find peaceful and mutually beneficial solutions, saving you time, money, and stress

Mediación Familiar ALG Abogados

Family Mediation

Mediación Civil y Mercantil

Civil and Commercial Mediation

Mediación Hipotecaria

Mortgage Mediation

What is Mediation?

It is a process by which an independent and impartial person helps others understand the origin of their differences, know their causes and consequences, confront their perspectives, and find solutions to resolve them, avoiding, as much as possible, the judicialization of the conflict and creating a space for dialogue where communicative equity, security, freedom, and equality prevail.

Advantages of Mediation

· It is a procedure: confidential, voluntary, more agile, and economical.
· It creates a space for communication, dialogue, and consensus.
· It offers personalized solutions tailored to the needs of the parties in conflict.

The Parties

· Are in a position of equality.
· Are protagonists in the adoption of more enduring and respected agreements.
· Prevents future conflicts.

Who can request the services of a mediator?

· Citizens
· Lawyers
· Institutions
· Companies
· Public and private organizations
· Homeowner associations
· Any member of the family nucleus

What are the areas of specialization?

· Intrajudicial Mediation
· Extrajudicial Mediation
· Mediation in Professional Services

What are the fields of mediation?

· In the Civil field
· In the Commercial and Mortgage field
· In the Family field
· In the Criminal and Penitentiary field
· In the Labor field
· In neighborhood conflicts

Why ALG Lawyers?

Because we are lawyers with accredited training and experience as professionals in mediation.
We offer our commitment to quality in conflict resolution.
Quality in material and human resources.