Labour Law

What is a collective agreement?

For how long can hire me for training and learning?

What compensation do I have right to charge in case of dismissal or termination of contract?

Am I right or obligation to do overtime?

They want to move me, I cannot deny me?

The new law on labor reform approved in February 2012, creates a new long-term contract for companies of less than 50 workers, with tax incentives and bonuses in Social Security, and amends the regulation of the part-time contract, home work and temporary contracts.

Both from the point of view of the employer as the worker, it is essential, before signing a contract of employment, is reporting what their rights and obligations in relation to wages, social insurance, holidays and breaks, and regulations on prevention of labour risks, among other issues.

During the development of the Entreprenaur and Employeer relationship, are multiple conflicts that can arise, and must go to a lawyer in order to achieve an out-of-court settlement or, in the last judicial instance.

ALG in the Labour area services:

· Termination of the employment contracts.

· Salary claims.

· Employment.

· Special relationships: Top management, athletes, artists, representatives of trade…

· Working conditions: day, salary

· Business succession: subrogation…

· Illegal transfer of workers.

· Individual rights deriving from the contract of work.

· Modification of working conditions.

· Geographic mobility: Transfers and displacements.

· Functional mobility.

· Professional classification.

· Appeal to the higher courts of justice.

· Resources of Cassation in the Supreme Court.

· Appeal of Legal Protection to the Constitutional Court.

· Assistance to the Labour Inspectorate.

· Disciplinary procedures.

· Administrative contentious appeals arising from labour relations.

· Pension records by retirement and loss of psychophysical skills at the State security bodies.