What paths should I follow to claim my compensation if I’ve had an accident?

What types of damages are compensable?

Does medical negligence entitle to compensation?

I’ve had an accident, what routes should I follow to claim my compensation?

After the February 2012 labour reform, there are new parameters to extinguish the contract causes objective, in addition to reducing the maximum compensation for unlawful dismissal of 45 days with a maximum of 42 monthly payments, to 33 days with a maximum of 24 monthly payments, disappearing the dismissal “express”.

Paid by Fogasa of eight days of compensation in the event of aim or collective dismissal becomes limited companies of less than 25 workers, excluding also the assumptions of inappropriateness of extinction.

  • Representation and defence in dismissals by objective causes, disciplinary dismissals, ERE.
  • Individual dismissals.
  • Collective redundancies.
  • Discriminatory Dismissals, Mobbing.

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Dismissal claims occur on many occasions because the Entrepreneur and Employee relationships are not always peaceful and normal. In this case, parties need to defend their situation until you get an optimal agreement.

Any kind of claims for dismissal manifested as a palpable proof that well because of some, or by the others, conflicts in this area, which require professional intervention to achieve the legal balance of different conflicts arise.

Behind the request for dismissal claims lies a hard situation for the affected found in a key situation characterized by instability and uncertainty. This State makes more never stating professional giving you answers with total dedication.