Successions and Donations

Which is the difference between Succession and Donation?

If I am a beneficiary of a life insurance signed by someone else, have I to declare it?

As inheritor, of how much time I have to liquidate the tax?

If I live outside of Spain, where must I declare the goods received?

Although both tributes are different in nature, they are paid through the same tax, inheritance and donations.

If when a person dies it leaves property to his successors, these are generally bound to pay the known “inheritance tax”. When you receive a donation or gift, we also formalize the “donations tax”.

The liquidation of the inheritance and donations tax is mandatory regardless of the result of the liquidation, whether to pay or not. The number, complexity of procedures and deadlines which carries is advisable to put it in the hands of experts as ALG lawyers to ensure a correct settlement to avoid further complications or even sanctions.