Separations and Divorces

Which are the causes of separation or divorce?

Provide that the separation or divorce is by mutual agreement has a Convention Regulating to be signed?

How long do I have to wait to be able to separate me and/or divorce me?

Is it possible to request the divorce bypassing the separation?

I want to go home; do I have to submit before the demand for separation or divorce?

What are the interim measures?

If you are considering undertaking a separation and/or divorce, must know that the effects which will legally take the new situation are, among others: the cessation of life in common, the extinction of the economic regime of common property (if any), the revocation if there were reciprocal powers, the use and enjoyment of the conjugal housing, etc.

Legally, within the separations, we can distinguish the separation of fact, when it is the cessation of life in common without more, and the separation of law which is which is made according to what set out by laws.

Within the law marital separations can be: to) by “mutual agreement”, which occurs when both spouses embody agreements that will govern the new situation in a regulatory agreement presented to the judge; (b) “contentious”, when there is no agreement between the spouses and this obliges it to the judge who decide on the rules that will govern the new situation.

Although it seems clear in the second case, in common agreement separations also it is advisable to be assisted by a lawyer.