Inheritances and Testaments

Can minors do testament?

To do testament, should always go to the Notary?

What happens if the Testament is lost?

When can testament be cancelled?

When there is no testament, those who inherit?

Can I nominate heir to anyone?

There can inherit someone who has not born yet?

Property, rights and obligations that remain on the death of a person, is what constitutes their inheritances.

When a person dies, it may have granted Testament or not. From the legal point of view there are significant differences: in the first case just need to fulfill the will of the cause; in the second, are the legal provisions which supplement that desire.

On the other hand, it is common belief among heirs there are no agreements on the distribution of inheritance. This circumstance can lead to very complex and particularly nasty conflict given the family ties that bind those involved.

It is especially useful both consult with real experts to help to find amicable solutions or to channel the problem legally.