Guardianship and Custody

Separation, annulment and divorce can exempt the parents from their obligations towards children?

What is the guardianship and custody of children?

What custody and joint custody?

What is the Parental Authority?

Separation, annulment or divorce does not exempt the parents from their obligations towards children.

The guardianship and custody of children is attributed to one of the spouses, the two shared form or to a third party by exceptional circumstances.

The shared exercise of the guardianship and custody will remember of children when requested by the parents in the proposal for a Convention regulating or when both reach this agreement in the course of the procedure. The judge, to agree on custody and joint custody and based its resolution, shall adopt from cautions for effective adherence to the established care regimen, trying to not separate the brothers.

Parental Authority refers the set to of rights and duties which the law grants to parents to make basic decisions and represent children and their property. The law provides for possible deprivation of parental rights in particularly serious cases (breaches of obligations, stocks of criminal convictions, ill-treatment, etc.) duly accredited. Deprivation of parental authority, means that it will no longer make decisions for the child, can be, depending on the cause that leads to the deprivation of the right, the regime of visits or the provision of food.

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