Crimes and Misdemeanors

I want to submit a grievance or complaint, I necessarily need a lawyer?

Should be given bail?

What happens if I later want to remove it?

How is it different from a complaint?

It can be waived to civil liability?

Who are the civilians responsible?

How can compensation I claim?

How is a trial of misconduct?

What happens if I am not going to trial?

What is acquitted?

The criminal law is the set of legal rules governing the punitive powers of the State, involving events, strictly determined by the law, a penalty, measure of security or correction with the aim of ensuring the basic values on which rests the peaceful human coexistence. It probably is the branch of law that requires more professional advice.

ALG lawyers can assist you, among others, in the following cases:

  • Drafting complaints and lawsuits for crimes
  • Private prosecution
  • Legal aid to the detainee or impute both police and the courts.
  • Probation and pre-trial detention.
  • Legal proceedings for crimes
  • Trials Rapids fouls
  • Urgent proceedings and trial
  • Jury
  • Judicial procedures before the jurisdiction of juvenile trials
  • Legal proceedings before courts specializing in violence against women
  • Resources to the different courts and instances
  • Cancellation of criminal record.