Commercial Law

What is a bill of Exchange?

What is the guarantee?

What are the requirements of the promissory note?

What are the requirements that must contain a cheque to produce legal effects?

What are the obligations of traders?

What it includes industrial property?

What is a brand?

Both societies, in the development of their daily activity, and individual employers (self-employed) need to have a legal consultancy, to deal with legal issues that arise on a daily basis.

Our legal consultancy can help you as an entrepreneur at a different time.

From day to day corporate figure has greater boom, when it comes to channelling entrepreneurial activities. This clear disused business performance from the perspective of the individual, this is what justifies the existence of a greater number of societies.

The more usual societies in Spanish law are as follows:

  • Joint-stock companies (S.A.)
  • One-to-one limited liability companies ( S.L.U)
  • Limited liability companies (S.L.)
  • Regular collective societies (S.R.C.)
  • Labour Corporation (S.A.L.)
  • New limited liability company creation (SRLNC)
  • Cooperative societies (S.C.)
  • Aassociations (Associations)
  • Foundations (Foundation)