Indemnifications for Hurts and Prejudices

Do I have had an accident, what way do I claim my compensation?

What type of damages are compensable?

Does a medical negligence compensation?

There are many assumptions that give rise to compensation in our legislation. The fall in a street as result of the poor condition of the pavement, the bite of a pet, an accident at work, the damages because of a product or service defectuos cause, if met the legal requirements, that an individual, a company, an insurance company or the Government should deal with compensation for damages suffered.

The fact that the law describes as criminal, as well as social harm, can cause a private harm or injury to individual interests that are likely to be repaired or compensated, what raises the civil liability or the obligation to repair the damage done.

Each case is different, so it needs an experience like that offered ALG lawyers not to lose the right to appropriate compensation.