How many monthly payments must be the tenant owed that can encourage the eviction?

If not pay the tenant is can change the lock so that no access to housing or throw to force?

What is the cost of an eviction?

There are different causes that lead to an eviction: non-payment of the mortgage payments to the Bank or non-payment of rents, either to an individual, to a financial institution or a public body, such as public rental agencies.

From November 1, 2011, with the entry into force of law 37/2011 extends the system of order for payment judgment – a trial fast and easy – the trials of eviction for non-payment, so that, in the event that the lessee does not vacate the property, pay or make opposition after the requirement, it pass directly to the launch, whose date is communicated in the same requirement, only procedural communication necessary for the successful conclusion of the process, even if the defendant were delaying the execution, avoiding also the celebration of unnecessary views.

This means that delinquent tenants with unpaid rents will have only 10 days to to update with payments, leave the housing or present relevant claims. If they do not within this period, the next step is the eviction that the same request that is sent to the delinquent by the Court Clerk shall state in addition to launch date, day in which the eviction of the property becomes effective. Therefore, with the entry into force of this Act, the time limits can be reduced.

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