I am entitled to a disability pension?

Who is the declaration of the permanent disability?

What requirements should I comply with?

Faster and safer for our part right is go to medical and legal professionals. These professionals advise us from all angles and indicate us that disability class is up to us. Of course they would defend our rights to achieve a favourable resolution.

We must bear in mind that we must distinguish between contributory disability, within which there are varying degrees of disability, and the non-contributory.

The contributory permanent disability is the situation of the worker who, after having been subjected to the treatment prescribed and have been commissioned medically, presents anatomical or functional serious capable of objective determination and reductions expected final, reduce or annul their working capacity.

Not he opts for such qualification the possibility of recovery of ability to work of the disabled, if this possibility considers medically as uncertain or long term. The high medical is not necessary for the assessment of permanent disability, in cases in which there are definitive sequels.

Modalities of contributory permanent disability are:

1. Permanent disability part-will be which causes the worker a decrease not less than 33% in their standard of performance for that profession, without preventing him the fundamental tasks of the same.

2. Permanent total disability for the profession. The most common is the one which disables the worker for the realization of all or of that profession’s fundamental tasks, provided that you can dedicate to another.

3. Absolute permanent disability. It is that disables altogether to the worker for any profession or occupation.

4. Great disability. Is understood as the situation of the worker affection of permanent disability requiring the assistance of another person for life’s finer acts as a result of anatomical or functional loss such as dress, move, eat…