Administrative Law

Experts in government regulations and legal procedures, at ALG Abogados we provide comprehensive advice and legal representation you need to resolve your administrative processes.

My Regional Goverment wants to expropriate a farm to build a freeway.

What should I do? What is the administrative silence? What in fact is a way?

Administrative Law governs the relations between the citizen and public administration in various performances, so both the various public administrations and citizens must be advised of what their rights and obligations.

Among others, ALG lawyers can advise you on:

  • Writings and requests before any administration.
  • Administrative claims.
  • Administrative contentious appeals.
  • Administrative contracting.
  • Records of forced expropriation.
  • Grants application.
  • Data protection.
  • Consumers and users.

Administrative Claims

I applied for a license to the City Council a year ago and still has not answered.

what can I do? How long do I have to make allegations? And to appeal a decision?

Administrative claims have as purpose to an administrative body granted us a grant, permit, grant or license. Our team can provide you the means and information necessary to successfully perform these administrative claims. It can also occur that the administrative claims, although they are perfectly justified, are dismissed by the Administration, or that the Administration does not address our claims at the proper time.

In this case, you must go before the judges and courts for the recognition of our rights. With our extensive experience, we can represent you and defend you in these proceedings against the Administration, before the courts and tribunals of the contentious administrative.